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Reserve Equipment

 Email the library the following information:  Equipment, Group / Teacher, Date Needed.

Go to Equipment Schedule


  Library & Media Sign Up


 Kamiakin High School Staff can sign up for the computer labs and library conference room online through this wiki.  No need to email the library staff unless you have questions or specific requests. 


Steps to sign up

1.  Click on the desired facility & check for availablity

2.  Click edit and wait for the cursor to appear.

3.  Fill in name in the desired date and time.

4.  Click on the save icon.  IMPORTANT TO SAVE EDIT.

5.  When the view screen comes up, this is the verification that edit saved.      


 Staff will need to email the library staff through this site to sign up to reserve the library.   View the library calendar to schedule classes. 

Video Announcements


 Kamiakin High School Staff can sign up for video anouncements by going to the schedule page.


ALL VIDEOS need to be pre-approved with

 principal signature on the DVD/VHS cassette before they can be played on channel 16. 


All videos must be summited by Tuesday of the week the video is to show.  In short, allow two (2) days for review.


If you have questions, please see a principal or Librarian. 


Go To Video Schedule Page


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